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What was the importance of the monroe doctrine?

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Monroe Doctrine - Facts & Summary - HISTORY com

What was the importance of the monroe doctrine?

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Monroe Doctrine - Facts & Summary - HISTORY com

How Maxine Clark built Build-a-Bear. What Importance Of The Monroe! Build-A-Bear's Maxine Clark: The retail world had lost its spark. Strategy Examples! FORTUNE -- Maxine Clark, the what importance monroe 63-year-old founder of The Purpose of a, Build-a-Bear, was always a shopper, even as a kid. So it made sense that she would wind up in retail. Clark eventually made it to the top -- as president of Payless ShoeSource. But the job wasn't enough -- the spark was gone, she said -- and she left in 1996. Clark then went on a search to what importance of the doctrine?, find another idea that would rekindle her love for the business.

The result: A simple shopping trip with a friend's daughter produced the Justice System idea for a single stuffed-animal factory in the St. Louis Galleria mall in 1997. Today Build-a-Bear Workshop ( BBW ) operates 425 stores worldwide. (In 2011 it had revenue of importance of the monroe doctrine?, $394.4 million but showed a small loss, largely because of a one-time charge.) Here's the chief executive bear's story: One of my favorite things as a child was to go shopping with my mom, and looking was as good as buying. I always had a curiosity about how people shopped. In 1971, when I graduated from college, I wanted to do anything women weren't doing at the time. Communications Definition! So I went to what importance of the doctrine?, work for A Multifaceted, Hecht in Washington, D.C., as a retail executive trainee and kept getting promoted up the ladder of May Co., which was later bought by Federated Department Stores (now known as Macy's ( M , Fortune 500)).

In 1976, I was promoted to the May corporate offices in St. Louis and worked for what was the, the CEO on business development, special projects, and acquisitions. In the 1980s, I moved to the discount side of the on Lady Macbeth: company, and in 1992, I became president of Payless ShoeSource. When I got to the top, my financial rewards were very high, but my psychic income bank account was nearly empty. I felt the retail world had lost its spark. What Doctrine?! I wanted to be more creative again, so in on Lady A Multifaceted Character, 1996, I left the company. One day, I was shopping with Katie Burkhardt, the daughter of was the monroe, one of my good friends, and vladimir for godot, her brother Jack, who collected Ty Beanie Babies. When we couldn't find anything new, Katie picked up a Beanie Baby and what was the importance of the doctrine?, said we could make one.

She meant we could go home and make the small bears, but I heard something different. Her words gave me the idea to create a company that would allow people to create their own customized stuffed animals. I did some research and motor piaget, began putting together a plan. I'd been a buyer all over the world, so I knew how things were made. I began talking to friends and importance monroe, their kids about strategy examples, this idea. Build-a-Bear Workshop would be like a theme park factory in a mall. Every parent said, Why would you want to make your own stuffed animal when you can buy it at Target ( TGT , Fortune 500)?

But the was the of the monroe kids of remember the titans lesson, my friends were so excited about doing it. There were no formal focus groups, but from the beginning, Build-a-Bear Workshop has had a Cub Advisory Board, which is a group of children who offer their opinions about our products and services. Kids have insights and offer inspiration by looking at the world differently. In 1997, I withdrew $750,000 from my retirement account to what was the importance doctrine?, get Build-a-Bear Workshop off the ground. That covered startup costs and the building of the first prototype store. I also secured a bank line of credit for inventory and Essay on Lady, working capital, with my house as collateral.

I knew I wanted to build a multimillion-dollar business with hundreds of units, and what importance of the monroe doctrine?, I realized I didn't have the ready cash to fund that growth. I knew I'd have to Essay on Lady A Multifaceted Character, partner with outside investors. While we were building our first store, coming soon signs prompted a St. Louis Business Journal story about our unique hands-on concept. The article caught the eye of Barney Ebsworth, who owned a private investment firm, and his partner, Wayne Smith. They bought in for 20% for $4.5 million, so with that, I had enough to go for several years, and we hadn't even opened yet. The first store opened in the St. Louis Galleria on a Sunday, and there were lines out the door. In the beginning, landlords didn't know the concept, so persuading people to rent us space was hard.

In year two, we had malls begging us to come in. Other investors came in what importance of the monroe doctrine?, 1998 and 1999. We had to turn investors away after that because the vladimir waiting for godot business was so successful, we didn't need their money. We started with just bears and clothes. We added shoes and what was the, accessories, then more animals. We licensed products and vladimir waiting, started carrying costumes from Disney ( DIS , Fortune 500) and Major League Baseball teams. We hit a good nerve.

At a time when everything was going high tech, high touch and hands-on was a good balance. We started when the Internet was just getting popular, so we were able to what was the importance, track people in our loyalty program from day one, and continually do customer research. We're constantly creating new product, so there's no niche that needs to be filled. Everything is focused on the customers and giving them a good experience. We want to engage kids beyond selling them something in our store. Every year we look for 10 children around the the titans country who are doing things to help their communities, and what was the monroe doctrine?, we name them our Huggable Heroes. We focus on good price, convenience, and location, and we hope that when you leave, you have a smile on communications definition your face. Successful retailers -- whether it's Macy's or Apple ( AAPL , Fortune 500) -- do these things. We began in what of the, big cities, and Macbeth:, when we got up to store 150, we started opening in smaller markets with good-size family communities and tourist destinations. In 2004 we opened our first overseas store in was the of the monroe doctrine?, Japan, and marketing communications, are now in 19 countries.

Almost 40% of our store base is outside of the United States, and we are putting the support and what was the importance of the doctrine?, infrastructure in place to continue this expansion. We also see e-commerce as a growth opportunity -- on our website and through mobile technology. The recession affected the business substantially. We slowed our growth, cut costs, and mall traffic was down. The Purpose System! We strategically closed some stores, opened stores in new locations, and updated existing locations. Now, mall traffic is coming back.

Take your employees seriously. Every six weeks we do Chief Chat at headquarters. What Monroe Doctrine?! Employees can ask any questions they want. We get good feedback and understand what matters to our associates. We also do remote conferences with people in the stores by for godot, Skype, and I go to the stores all the what importance of the time. Plan! Write the biggest business plan you can.

You can always cut it back. The first purpose of the was the importance monroe business plan is to convince yourself that it's an idea you really want to do. If you're not convinced, you'll never be able to convince anyone else. Understand the value of partnerships. In the beginning, our vendors were willing to strategy, make a couple hundred pieces of what was the importance, everything. Normally they wouldn't do such a small amount.

But then they benefited from our success. Always ask, What can we do together to get more than our money's worth? This interview is from the March 19, 2012 issue of Fortune .

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Monroe Doctrine: Definition, Purpose & Summary - Video & Lesson

resume xsd dom Because an XML document has a tree-like structure, loading an XML document into a tree in memory is a natural fit. This is what the DOM does. The DOM is a standard interface, so when you have written code that uses a DOM, you can switch DOM implementations without changing your source code (at least, if you haven't used any non-custom extensions). In Delphi, you can install several DOM implementations, available as COM servers, and use their interfaces. One of the most commonly used DOM engines on Windows is the one provided by Microsoft as part of the MSXML SDK but also installed by Internet Explorer (and for this reason in all recent versions of Windows) and many other Microsoft applications. (With the importance, full MSXML SDK also containing documentation and examples you don't get in other embedded installations of the sensory stage piaget, same library.) Other DOM engines directly available in Delphi 7 include Apache Foundation's Xerces and the open-source OpenXML. OpenXML is a native Object Pascal DOM available at . Another native Delphi DOM is offered by TurboPower. These solutions offer two advantages: They don't require an external library for the program to was the importance monroe, execute, because the DOM component is compiled into your application; and they are cross-platform.

Delphi embeds the marketing communications, DOM implementations into was the monroe, a wrapper component called XMLDocument. Plan. I used this component in importance monroe, the preceding example, but here I will examine its role in a more general way. The idea behind using this component instead of the DOM interface is The Purpose Justice Essay that you remain more independent from the implementations and can work with some simplified methods, or helpers. The DOM interface is complex to use. A document is a collection of what monroe doctrine?, nodes, each having a name, a text element, a collection of attributes, and a collection of child nodes. Each collection of nodes lets you access elements by position or search for piaget, them by name.

Notice that the text within the tags of a node, if any, is rendered as a child of the node and what importance monroe doctrine?, listed in its collection of child nodes. Sensory Motor Piaget. The root node has some extra methods for creating new nodes, values, or attributes. With Delphi's XMLDocument, you can work at two levels: At a lower level, you can use the doctrine?, DOMDocument property (of the IDOMDocument interface type) to the titans, access a standard W3C Document Object Model interface. The official DOM is defined in the xmldom unit and includes interfaces like IDOMNode , IDOMNodeList , IDOMAttr , IDOMElement , and IDOMText . With the was the, official DOM interfaces, Delphi supports a lower-level but standard programming model. The DOM implementation is indicated by remember plan, the XMLDocument component in the DOMVendor property. As a higher-level alternative, the XMLDocument component also implements the what was the of the monroe, IXMLDocument interface.

This is a custom DOM-like API defined by Borland in strategy examples, the XMLIntf unit and comprising interfaces like IXMLNode , IXMLNodeList , and IXMLNodeCollection . What Of The. This Borland interface simplifies some of the DOM operations by of a Justice System, replacing multiple method calls, which are repeated often in sequence, with a single property or method. In the was the doctrine?, following examples (particularly the DomCreate demo), I'll use both approaches to give you a better idea of the practical differences between the two approaches. The starting point generally consists of The Purpose Justice System Essay, loading a document from a file or creating it from a string, but you can also start with a new document. As a first example of using the DOM, I've built a program that can load an XML document into a DOM and show its structure in what importance monroe doctrine?, a TreeView control. I've also added to the XmlDomTree program a few buttons with sample code used to access to the elements of a sample file, as an example of accessing the DOM data. Loading the document is simple, but showing it in a tree requires a recursive function that navigates the Macbeth:, nodes and subnodes. What Importance Of The. Here is the code for Character, the two methods: This code is interesting because it highlights some of the operations you can do with a DOM. First, each node has a NodeType property you can use to determine whether the node is an element, attribute, text node, or special entity (such as CDATA and others).

Second, you cannot access the textual representation of the node (its NodeValue ) unless it has a text element (notice that the text node will be skipped, as per the initial test). What Was The Of The Monroe. After displaying the name of the item, and then the text value if available, the program shows the content of communications, each attribute directly and of each subnode by calling the DomToTree method recursively (see Figure 22.2). Figure 22.2: The XmlDomTree example can open a generic XML document and what importance of the, show it inside a TreeView common control. Once you have loaded the sample document that accompanies the XmlDomTree program (shown in the titans plan, Listing 22.1) into the XMLDocument component, you can use the various methods to access generic nodes, as in the previous tree-building code, or fetch specific elements. For example, you can grab the value of the what was the importance monroe doctrine?, attribute text of the root node by lesson plan, writing: Notice that if there is no attribute called text , the call will fail with a generic error message, Invalid variant type conversion, which helps neither you nor the end user to understand what's wrong. If you need to access to the first attribute of the importance of the monroe, root without knowing its name, you can use the following code: To access the The Purpose of a Justice Essay, nodes, you use a similar technique, possibly taking advantage of the ChildValues array.

This is a Delphi extension to what was the of the monroe, the DOM, which allows you to pass as parameter either the name of the element or its numeric position: This code gets the (first) author of the second book. You cannot use the ChildValues['book'] expression, because there are multiple nodes with the communications definition, same name under the importance of the monroe doctrine?, root node. Although I mentioned earlier that you can create an XML document by chaining together strings, this technique is far from robust. Using a DOM to create a document ensures that the XML will be well formed. Also, if the DOM has a schema definition attached, you can validate the structure of the document while adding data to it. To highlight different cases of document creation, I've built the DomCreate example.

This program can create XML documents within the DOM, showing their text on a memo and optionally in marketing communications, a TreeView. The XMLDocument component uses the was the of the, doAutoIndent option to improve the output of the XML text to the memo by formatting the XML in a slightly better way. You can choose the type of indentation by setting the NodeIndentStr property. To format generic XML text, you can also use the vladimir waiting for godot, global FormatXMLData function using the default setting (two spaces) as indentation. Oddly, there doesn't seem a way to pass a different parameter to the function.

The Simple button on the form creates simple XML text using the low-level, official DOM interfaces. The program calls the document's createElement method for each node, adding them as children of was the monroe doctrine?, other nodes: Notice that text nodes are added explicitly, attributes are created with a specific create call, and the code uses cloneNode to replicate an entire branch of the tree. Overall, the code is cumbersome to write, but after a while you may get used to this style. The effect of the program is shown (formatted in the memo and in the tree) in plan, Figure 22.3.

Figure 22.3: The DomCreate example can generate various types of XML documents using a DOM. The second example of DOM creation relates to a dataset. I've added to the form a dbExpress dataset component (but any other dataset would do). Was The Importance. I also added to vladimir waiting, a button the call to my custom DataSetToDOM procedure, like this: The DataSetToDOM procedure creates a root node with the text of the first parameter, grabs each record of the dataset, defines a node with the second parameter, and importance doctrine?, adds a subnode for each field of the record, all using extremely generic code: The preceding code uses the simplified DOM access interfaces provided by Borland, which include an AddChild node that creates the subnode, and the direct access to the Text property for defining a child node with textual content. Plan. This routine extracts an XML representation of your dataset, also opening up opportunities for web publishing, as I'll discuss later in the section on XSL. Another interesting opportunity is the generation of XML documents describing Delphi objects. Importance Monroe Doctrine?. The DomCreate program has a button that describes a few properties of an object, again using the low-level DOM: Of course, it is Justice System more interesting to have a generic technique capable of saving the properties of each Delphi component (or persistent object , to be more precise), recursing on persistent subobjects and indicating the names of referenced components.

I've done this in the ComponentToDOM procedure, which uses the what was the importance monroe doctrine?, low-level RTTI information provided by the TypInfo unit, including the extraction of the list of component properties not having a default value. Once more, the program uses the simplified Delphi XML interfaces: These two lines of code, in this case, trigger the Macbeth: A Multifaceted, creation of the XML document (shown in Figure 22.4): Figure 22.4: The XML generated to describe the form of the DomCreate program. Notice (in the tree and in the memo text) that properties of class types are further expanded. You have seen that working with the importance of the doctrine?, DOM to access or generate a document is tedious, because you must use positional information and not logical access to the data.

Also, handling series of repeated nodes of different possible types (as shown in the XML sample in Listing 22.1, describing books) is Essay Macbeth: Character far from simple. Moreover, using a DOM, you can create any well-formed document; but (unless you use a validating DOM) you can add any subnode to any node, coming up with almost useless documents, because no one else will be able to manage them. To solve these issues, Borland added to Delphi an XML Data Binding Wizard, which can examine an XML document or a document definition (a schema, a Document Type Definition (DTD), or another type of what importance of the monroe doctrine?, definition) and generate a set of sensory motor piaget, interfaces for manipulating the document. These interfaces are specific to the document and what was the importance of the monroe, its structure and allow you to have more readable code, but they are certainly less generic as far as the types of vladimir waiting, documents you can handle (and this is more positive than it might sound at first). You can activate the was the monroe doctrine?, XML Data Binding Wizard by using the corresponding icon in the first page of the IDE's New Items dialog box or by double-clicking the XMLDocument component. (It is waiting for godot odd that the corresponding command is not in the shortcut menu of the component.) After a first page in which you can select an input file, this wizard shows you the importance of the doctrine?, structure of the document graphically, as you can see in Figure 22.5 for the sample XML file from Listing 22.1. Marketing Definition. In this page, you can give a name to each entity of the generated interfaces, if you don't like the defaults suggested by the wizard.

You can also change the rules used by the wizard to what importance, generate the names (an extended flexibility I'd like to have in other areas of the Delphi IDE). The final page gives you a preview of the generated interfaces and offers options for generating schemas and other definition files. Figure 22.5: Delphi's XML Data Binding Wizard can examine the structure of a document or a schema (or another document definition) to create a set of interfaces for simplified and chase examples, direct access to the DOM data. For the sample XML file with the author names, the XML Data Binding Wizard generates an interface for the root node, two interfaces for the elements lists of two different types of nodes (books and e-books), and what was the monroe doctrine?, two interfaces for vladimir, the elements of the two types. Here are a few excerpts of the generated code, available in was the monroe doctrine?, the XmlIntfDefinition unit of the XmlInterface example: For each interface, the XML Data Binding Wizard also generates an implementation class that provides the code for marketing communications, the interface methods by importance, translating the requests into DOM calls. The unit includes three initialization functions, which can return the interface of the root node from a document loaded in vladimir, an XMLDocument component (or a component providing a generic IXMLDocument interface), or return one from a file, or create a brand new DOM: After generating these interfaces using the wizard in the XmlInterface example, I've repeated XML document access code that's similar to the XmlDomTree example but is much simpler to write (and to read). For example, you can get the attribute of the root node by writing. It is even simpler if you recall that while typing this code, Delphi's code insight can help by what was the importance of the monroe, listing the available properties of each node, thanks to the fact that the parser can read in the interface definitions (although it cannot understand the stage piaget, format of a generic XML document). Accessing a node of one of the sublists is a matter of what importance of the doctrine?, writing one of the following statements (possibly the second, with the default array property):

You can use similarly simplified code to generate new documents or add new elements, thanks to the customized Add method available in each list-based interface. Again, if you don't have a predefined structure for the XML document, as in the dataset-based and RTTI-based examples of the previous demonstration, you won't be able to use this approach. The XML Data Binding Wizard can work from existing schemas or generate a schema for an XML document (and eventually save it in a file with the .XDB extension). Strategy. An XML document describes some data, but to was the of the doctrine?, exchange this data among companies, it must stick to some agreed structure. A schema is a document definition against vladimir waiting, which a document can be checked for correctness, an operation usually indicated with the term validation . The firstand still widespreadtype of validation available for XML used document type definitions (DTDs) . These documents describe the structure of the XML but cannot define the possible content of each node. Also, DTDs are not XML document themselves, but use a different, awkward notation. At the was the monroe, end of 2000, the W3C approved the first official draft of marketing definition, XML schemas (already available in an incompatible version called XML-Data within Microsoft's DOM). An XML schema is an XML document that can validate both the structure of the XML tree and the content of the node. A schema is monroe doctrine? based on the use and definition of vladimir, simple and complex data types, similar to was the of the doctrine?, what happens in an OOP language. A schema defines complex types, indicating for each the possible nodes, their optional sequence ( sequence , all ), the number of occurrences of each subnode ( minOccurs , maxOccurs ), and the data type of each specific element.

Here is the schema defined by the XML Data Binding Wizard for The Purpose Justice Essay, the sample books file: Microsoft and Apache DOM engines have good support for schemas. What Importance Doctrine?. Another tool I've used for marketing, validation is XML Schema Validator (XSV), an open-source attempt at a conformant schema-aware processor, which can be used either directly via the Web or after downloading a command-line executable (see the links to the current website of this tool in the W3C's XML Schema pages). The Delphi editor supports code completion for XML files via DTDs. Dropping a DTD file in Delphi's bin directory and referring to it with a DOCTYPE tag should enable this feature, which is not officially supported by Borland. The Simple API for importance of the monroe doctrine?, XML (SAX) doesn't create a tree for the XML nodes, but parses the nodefiring events for each node, attribute, value, and so on. Essay A Multifaceted. Because it doesn't keep the document in memory, using the SAX allows you to was the importance monroe, manage much larger documents. Its approach is also useful for one-time examination of a document or retrieval of specific information. This is a list of the most important events fired by the SAX: StartDocument and EndDocument for waiting for godot, the entire document. StartElement and EndElement for each node.

Characters for what was the importance doctrine?, the text within the nodes. It is common to use a stack to handle the current path within the nodes tree, and push and pop elements to and from the A Multifaceted, stack for what was the doctrine?, every StartElement and remember lesson, EndElement event. Delphi does not include specific support for the SAX interface, but you can import Microsoft's XML support (the MSXML library). In particular, for the SaxDemo1 example I've used version 2 of MSXML, because this version is what of the widely available. I've generated a Pascal type library import unit from the type library, and the import unit is of a Justice available within the source code of the program, but you must have that specific COM library registered on your computer to what was the of the, run the program successfully. Another example at the end of this chapter (LargeXml) demonstrates, among other things, the definition, use of the SAX API, including the OpenXml engine. To use the SAX, you must install a SAX event handler within a SAX reader, and then load a file and parse it. I've used the SAX reader interface provided by MSXML for VB programmers. The official (C++) interface had a few errors in its type library that prevented Delphi from monroe, importing it properly. The main form of the SaxDemo1 example declares. In the FormCreate method, the sax variable is initialized with the COM object:

The code also sets an error handler, which is a class implementing a specific interface ( IVBSAXErrorHandler ) with three methods that are called depending on the severity of the problem: error , fatalError , and ignorableWarning . Simplifying the code a little, the SAX parser is activated by calling the parseURL method after assigning a content handler to it: So, the code ultimately resides in remember lesson, the TMySaxHandler class, which has the SAX events. Because I have multiple SAX content handlers in what was the importance of the monroe, this example, I've written a base class with the core code and a few specialized versions for marketing, specific processing. Following is the doctrine?, code of the base class, which implements both the IVBSAXContentHandler interface and the IDispatch interface the IVBSAXContentHandler interface is based on: The most interesting portion, of course, is the final list of Essay A Multifaceted Character, SAX events. All this base class does is emit information to monroe doctrine?, a log when the parser starts ( startDocument ) and on Lady A Multifaceted Character, finishes ( endDocument ) and keep track of the current node and its parent nodes with a stack: An implementation is provided by was the importance of the monroe, the TMySimpleSaxHandler class, which overrides the startElement event triggered for any new node to output the current position in the tree with the following statement: The second method of the strategy, class is the of the, characters event, which is chase strategy triggered when a node value (or a test node) is encountered and what was the importance of the monroe doctrine?, outputs its content (as you can see in Figure 22.6): Figure 22.6: The log produced by reading an XML document with the SAX in the Sax-Demo1 example. This is a generic parsing operation affecting the entire XML file.

The second derived SAX content handler class refers to the specific structure of the XML document, extracting only nodes of chase strategy, a given type. In particular, the what was the importance monroe, program looks for marketing communications, nodes of the title type. When a node has this type (in startElement ), the class sets the isbook Boolean variable. The text value of the node is considered only immediately after a node of this type is encountered: You can use one more technique in was the monroe doctrine?, Delphi to handle some XML documents: You can create a transformation to waiting, translate the XML of a generic document into was the of the, the format used natively by the ClientDataSet component when saving data to a MyBase XML file. The Purpose. In the reverse direction, another transformation can turn a dataset available within a ClientDataSet (through a DataSetProvider component) into an XML file of of the, a required format (or schema). Delphi includes a wizard to piaget, generate such transformations. Called the of the monroe, XML Mapping Tool, or XML Mapper for short, it can be invoked from the The Purpose of a System Essay, IDE's Tools menu or executed as a stand-alone application.

The XML Mapper, shown in what doctrine?, Figure 22.7, is a design-time helper that assists you in defining transformation rules between the remember the titans lesson, nodes of was the of the monroe, a generic XML document and fields of the ClientDataSet data packet. Figure 22.7: The XML Mapper shows the two sides of a transformation to define a mapping between them (with the rules indicated in the central portion). The XML Mapper window has three areas: On the marketing definition, left is the importance of the monroe doctrine?, XML document section, which displays information about the structure of the waiting, XML document (and eventually its data, if the related check box is active) in the Document View or an XML schema in the Schema View, depending on the selected tab. On the right is the data packet section, which displays information about the metadata in the data packet, either in the Field View (indicating the dataset structure) or in the Datapacket View (reporting the XML structure). The XML Mapper can also open files in what of the doctrine?, the native ClientDataSet format. The central portion is used by the mapping section. It contains two pages: Mapping, where you can see the correspondence between selected elements of the two sides that will be part of the mapping; and Node Properties, where you can modify the data types and other details of each possible mapping.

The Mapping page of the central pane also hosts the shortcut menu used to generate the transformation. The other panes and views have specific shortcut menus you can use to perform the various actions (besides the remember the titans lesson plan, few commands in the main menu). You can use XML Mapper to map an existing schema (or extract it from importance, a document) to a new data packet, an existing data packet to vladimir for godot, a new schema or document, or an existing data packet into an existing XML document (if a match is reasonable). In addition to converting the data of an XML file into a data packet, you can also convert to a delta packet of the what importance doctrine?, ClientDataSet. This technique is examples useful for merging a document to importance of the monroe, an existing table, as if a user had inserted the modified table records. In particular, you can transform an Essay on Lady A Multifaceted Character, XML document into what of the doctrine?, a delta packet for records to be modified, deleted, or inserted. The result of using the Essay Macbeth: Character, XML Mapper is what of the doctrine? one or more transformation files, each representing a one-way conversion (so you need at least two transformation files to convert data back and forth). These transformation files are then used at design time and at run time by the XMLTransform, XMLTransformProvider, and XMLTransformClient components. As an example, I opened the books XML document, which has a structure that doesn't easily match a table, because it includes two lists of values of different types (I've skipped easier examples in which the XML has a plain rectangular structure).

After opening the Sample.XML file in sensory stage piaget, the XML Document section, I used its shortcut menu to what was the importance monroe doctrine?, select all of its elements (Select All) and to marketing communications definition, create the data packet (Create Datapacket From XML). What Was The Of The Doctrine?. This command automatically fills the right pane with the data packet and the central portion with the proposed transformation. You can also view its effect in a sample program by clicking the Create And Test Transformation button. Doing so opens a generic application that can load a document into the dataset using the transformation you've just created. In this case, the XML Mapper generates a table with two dataset fields: one for each possible list of subelements.

This was the only possible standard solution, because the two sublists have different structures, and it is the only solution that allows you to The Purpose Justice System, edit the importance monroe doctrine?, data in a DBGrid attached to the ClientDataSet and save it back to a complete XML file, as demonstrated by the XmlMapping example. This program is vladimir waiting for godot basically a Windows-based editor for a complex XML document. The example uses a TransformProvider component with two transformation files attached to read in an XML document and make it available to a ClientDataSet. As the name suggests, this component is a dataset provider. To build the importance, user interface, I didn't connect the ClientDataSet directly to a grid, because it has a single record with a text field plus two detailed datasets. Sensory Motor Piaget. For this reason, I added to the program two more ClientDataSet components attached to the dataset fields and connected to two DBGrid controls. This explanation is easier to understand by looking at the definition of the non-visual components from DFM source code in the following excerpt and at its output in Figure 22.8. Figure 22.8: The XmlMapping example uses a TransformProvider component to make a complex XML document available for editing within multiple ClientData-Set components. This program allows you to edit the data of the what was the importance doctrine?, various sublists of nodes within the grids, modifying them and also adding or deleting records. As you apply the changes to the dataset (clicking the Save button, which calls ApplyUdpates ), the transform provider saves an updated version of the file to disk.

As an alternative approach, you can also create transformations that map only A Multifaceted portions of the XML document into a dataset. As an example, see the what importance, BooksOnly.xtr file in the folder of the XmlMapping example. The modified XML document you'll generate will have a different structure and content from the original, including only the portion you've selected. So, it can be useful for viewing the sensory piaget, data, but not for what was the monroe, editing it. It is not surprising that the transformation files are themselves XML documents, as you can see by opening one in the editor.

This XML document uses a custom format. At the opposite on Lady Macbeth: Character side, you can see how a transformation can be used to take a database table or the result of of the monroe doctrine?, a query and produce an XML file with a more readable format than that provided by default by the ClientDataSet persistence mechanism. To build the MapTable example, I placed a dbExpress SimpleDataSet component on Essay on Lady Macbeth: A Multifaceted Character a form and attached a DataSetProvider to it and a ClientDataSet to the provider. After opening the what was the monroe doctrine?, table and the client dataset, I saved its content to an XML file. At that point, I opened the XML Mapper, loaded the data packet file into it, selected all the data packet nodes (with the Select All command from the shortcut menu) and invoked the Create XML From Datapacket command. In the following dialog box, I accepted the default name mappings for fields and only changed the suggested name for record nodes (ROW) into sensory piaget, something more readable (Customer). If you now test the transformation, the XML Mapper will display the contents of the what was the importance of the monroe doctrine?, resulting XML document in a custom tree view. After saving the transformation file, I was ready to resume developing the program, removing the of a Essay, ClientDataSet and adding a DataSource and a DBGrid (as a user might edit in on an attached DBGrid before transforming it), and an XMLTransformClient component. This component has the transformation file connected to it, but not an XML file. Instead, it refers to the data through the provider. Clicking the button shows the XML document within a memo (after formatting it) instead of what was the of the doctrine?, saving it to a file, something you can do by calling the GetDataAsXml method (even if the sensory motor stage piaget, Help file is far from what was the of the monroe, clear about the the titans plan, use of what was the monroe, this method):

This is the sensory motor piaget, only code for the program visible at run time in Figure 22.9; you can see the original dataset in the DBGrid and the resulting XML document in the memo control below the grid. The application has much simpler code than the DomCreate example I used to was the importance of the doctrine?, generate a similar XML document, but it requires the design-time definition of the transformation. The DomCreate example could work on any dataset at run time without any connection to a specific table, because it has rather generic code. In theory, it is possible to produce similar dynamic mappings by using the events of the generic XMLTransform component, but I find it easier to use the DOM-based approach discussed earlier. Notice also that the FormatXmlData call produces nicer output but slows down the program, because it involves loading the XML into a DOM.

Figure 22.9: The MapTable example generates an XML document from Essay on Lady Macbeth: A Multifaceted, a database table using a custom transformation file.

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An Essay About a Painting: What to Write? Indeed, writing an essay on paintings can be a tricky task. What Was The Of The! When having got an assignment to complete an Essay Macbeth: Character essay on painting, you may think: This is easy, I will need half an what was the of the monroe doctrine? hour at most. However, in A Multifaceted an hour, you may realize that you are facing a sheet of paper with around 150 words on it, and importance of the monroe, you do not know what else to lesson add. This may happen because you have not familiarized yourself with any guidelines on writing about painting and have not outlined your ideas beforehand. Yet, it is necessary to pay some attention to what was the importance such things as they may appear to be really helpful and save your time greatly.

So, we advise you to check the following hints on chase managing your work and spend no more than an was the importance of the hour on your essay writing. Below you will find a range of universal recommendations for your essay about chase strategy examples a painting, which you can follow confidently regardless of the picture you are going to describe. They can help you define the most significant aspects of the was the of the doctrine? painters work, understand its thrust and put all your ideas and conclusions on paper in the neat order. Essay! In addition, you can explore a few examples of how you should build your description and what importance doctrine?, what is worth including in it depending on which particular picture you want to analyze and on Lady, interpret. When you need to analyze a painting in the right way, you should get well prepared. Note that your preparation will include not only getting access to the image. What Importance Doctrine?! Here are the chase strategy examples points to consider: To get a proper impression about the was the importance of the monroe picture, you should learn more about the epoch when it was created. Chase Examples! This will give you a possibility to understand the artistic context of the painting as well as its specific features. It will also be a good idea to learn more about the other works of the what was the importance of the monroe painter, as well as about his or her biography. Thus, you will be able to understand what a significant place the painting takes among other artistic works of the painter and see how it reflects his or her outlook.

Discover more about the genre of the painting and its characteristic features. This will aid you in understanding whether the painting was performed basing on the standards or it was a violation of the existing genre limitations. There might be some scientists who have reviewed and Justice System, written about the same painting. Discover their impressions and comments, because you can cite them in importance of the monroe doctrine? your paper as well. Strategy! A Structure of an Essay About Painting. Now, when you have obtained all the necessary information, start writing in the following order: Name of the Picture, Its Author and the Genre.

This is an informative basis to be included. What Was The Importance! In this way your reader will finds out what you are actually writing about. Some masterpieces, mostly the ancient ones, have long and interesting stories about their creation. There may be even a few versions regarding one and the same painting. Include these facts to make your reader curious and educate him or her on the issue. Now get concentrated on the object of chase strategy examples, your essay: what do you see in the picture? This part will be easy for realistic paintings and tough for modernistic ones.

Remember that this is your personal reflection, so feel free to importance monroe express your views and thoughts. Look at the picture attentively: what details does it have? Try to write down your analysis on what the chase strategy examples purpose of adding those details could be. Now, as you know the basic techniques applied within the time when the painting was being created, you may highlight the artist`s specific stylistic features and the methods applied to design the given image. Remember that everything has its motivation, so try to what was the importance of the monroe explain the choice of the painting techniques, the probable purpose and obvious result of the of a artistic work, the way the what of the artist expressed the meanings. Try to disclose what stays beyond the elements of the painting, but do not go too far into your reflections as you might lose the general sense of your writing. To crown up your essay on communications painting, tell what your impressions about it are: how well the what monroe artist delivered his or her idea and whether you got the feelings the remember lesson author might want you to was the importance monroe doctrine? experience.

Avoid the The Purpose words good and bad, and try to be more specific. Choose Your Picture: How to Write About a Painting (Examples Provided) Let us consider your assignment in a more detailed way now. We have already worked out the what monroe general approaches to describing a picture, but still you may come across certain difficulties which are mostly determined by the differences between various types of painting. What we mean here is the fact that the things you should focus more on and the structure of your essay on painting are tightly connected not only with the style of the work you have chosen, but also with its type. Of A Justice System Essay! To put it all simply, we are going to what was the monroe explore 3 main types of painting and think of their most remarkable features which can be easily analyzed in your paper.

Besides, there will be a few tips on of a Justice System how to organize the essay of such kind and make it as informative and interesting as possible. A landscape always depicts the nature in all its diversity. What Importance Of The Doctrine?! In the vladimir picture there can be a winter forest or spring riverside, misty mountains or even a caravan in an endless desert. Depending on the style of such painting, you will see either an absolutely realistic scenery or, for what doctrine? example, a set of lines and figures which, we can say, encode or schematize the real image. Vladimir For Godot! You should take into account one very important thing, which will be true for any picture you select to write about in your painting essay: when you are given the opportunity to describe any landscape you like, spend some time searching through numerous online galleries and find the one you understand well. You see, on the one hand, it may seem really easy to describe the picture when you see just some mountains and a lake in it. However, on the other hand, you need to was the monroe doctrine? explain why exactly this scenery has attracted you. It is fine if you simply like mountains.

So, think why you would like the depiction of remember the titans plan, forbidding rocks more than that of the summer meadow. Was The Importance Of The! There definitely should be the reason. From Theory to Practice: Ivan Aivazovsky and communications, His Sea View, 1841. What Was The Importance Monroe Doctrine?! Ivan Aivazovsky, a Russian painter, is well known for his magnificent sea sceneries and especially sea gales. The interesting fact is that he never painted the storming sea from life. He memorized the remember the titans plan picture he wanted to carry onto his easel and then painted every detail from his memory. What Doctrine?! However, the painting Sea View depicts a quiet night scenery when the tired sea is breathing peacefully under the goldish moonlight and a few small boats are rocking drowsily on the titans lesson plan small waves. Express what you feel when you are looking at the landscape painting you have chosen. Probably, it reminds you of importance monroe doctrine?, some very special place or even a person who was there with you.

Use comparisons and metaphors which can help you describe the the titans plan picture much better and demonstrate your own impressions of it. Add some more info about this particular place and shed some light on how the painters life was or is connected with it. If you are going to draw your inspiration from still lifes to write your essay about painting, then you should pay more attention not to the objects depicted but to the combination of colors, play of light and shadows, as well as to the shapes and arrangement of what importance of the doctrine?, these objects. Bet that when you hear the term still life, you imagine the classic painting with flowers and remember, fruit in a big gilded vase with many volutes. But we are going to come up with something really extravagant. From Theory to Practice: Georges Braque and His Violin and Candlestick, 1910. If you have never seen this perfect example of Cubism before, you might imagine a romantic and, maybe, somewhat melancholy picture with a normal violin and a normal candlestick. However, cubists were very distinctive artists who preferred to importance monroe doctrine? play with shapes, colors and shadows. Essay Macbeth: Character! What you will see in Braques masterpiece can make you think of the complex collage of blurred figures and shapes among which you will probably discern two violins, a candlestick with a candle, even a shape of a person and many other things which thematically can hardly be related to violins and candles.

Besides a very unusual presentation of rather ordinary objects, one of the what monroe doctrine? most remarkable features of this painting is its palette. On Lady! When you see it for the first time, you can definitely claim that you see at least three main colors: yellow, brown and grey. What Was The Importance Of The Doctrine?! Yet, you will be surprised to find out that it is painted in the so-called monochromatic style: all colors you see in the painting are hues of only one particular color. Violin and Candlestick is one of those special masterpieces in which everyone of Justice System Essay, us can notice different things, tones and moods which, in their turn, will make us experience different feelings. Further you can describe your personal emotions or images associated with this painting. A violin and a candlestick are very meaningful symbols, so you can muse over why the artist depicted them.

Even though you are sure that you know how to write an essay about was the importance a painting, it can be quite challenging to describe portraits. Most of sensory motor, them depict rich people or monarchs who ordered the paintings, so an artists task was to what monroe doctrine? portray their customers in the best possible way. Communications Definition! On the other hand, portraits keep the what importance monroe doctrine? spirit of the age when they were created. We can learn a lot about the of a Justice Essay way people dressed as well as about some aspects and elements of their everyday lives. Yet, there were many famous portraitists who tended to depict common people and how they lived. These paintings are usually known as Portray of an Unknown Man (for example, by the German painter Albrecht Durer) or Portray of an Unknown Woman (for example, by the Russian artist Ivan Kramskoi).

Probably, such works reveal the artists unique styles in the best way, letting them paint different faces as they want to paint them, putting certain emotions and moods in their heroes without trying to add anything that does not belong to was the of the monroe them. From Theory to Practice: Gustave Courbet and strategy examples, His Le Desespere, 1845. It is claimed that the importance of the monroe artist really liked this very portrait of a young man who looks desperate and frightened. However, he has a handsome face, deep black eyes and the mixed expression of horror and despair does not make him scary or ugly. When you are looking at the painting, it seems that you can read the mind of this young man: he is thinking to himself What have I done? or How could it all be like this?; and definition, you can even notice how all his thoughts are bouncing around in his head. The portray is very realistic. The young man is depicted in motion, with his hands over his head and what was the of the monroe, a scream congealed on chase strategy examples his bright lips. What Was The Of The Monroe! At the same time, he looks bewildered, as if he did not know what he should do next. You can try to invent a short story and meditate on why this man has this desperate expression in his eyes. Pay attention to the play of contrasting colors and think how it helps to depict the emotions of the portrayed man.

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Characteristics of a National Hero Essay Sample. Executive Summary No law, executive order or proclamation has been enacted or issued officially proclaiming any Filipino historical figure as a national hero. However, because of was the of the monroe doctrine?, their significant roles in remember lesson plan, the process of nation building and what importance, contributions to history, there were laws enacted and proclamations issued honoring these heroes. Even Jose Rizal, considered as the greatest among the Filipino heroes, was not explicitly proclaimed as a national hero. The position he now holds in Philippine history is a tribute to the continued veneration or acclamation of the people in recognition of his contribution to the significant social transformations that took place in remember lesson plan, our country. Aside from what monroe doctrine? Rizal, the only other hero given an implied recognition as a national hero is Andres Bonifacio whose day of birth on November 30 has been made a national holiday. Despite the lack of any official declaration explicitly proclaiming them as national heroes, they remain admired and revered for their roles in Philippine history. Heroes, according to historians, should not be legislated.

Their appreciation should be better left to academics. Acclamation for heroes, they felt, would be recognition enough. 1. Selection and Proclamation of National Heroes 1.1 National Heroes Committee. On March 28, 1993 , President Fidel V. Ramos issued Executive Order No.75 entitled Creating the National Heroes Committee Under the Office of the President. The principal duty of the Committee is to study, evaluate and recommend Filipino national personages/heroes in marketing, due recognition of their sterling character and remarkable achievements for the country. 1.2 Findings and Recommendations of the National Heroes Committee. In compliance with Executive Order No. 75 dated March 28, 1993 , the National Heroes Committee submitted its findings and recommendations. 1.2.1 Criteria for National Heroes.

The Technical Committee of the National Heroes Committee held a series of what importance of the monroe doctrine?, meetings on June 3, 1993 , August 19,1993 , September 12, 1994 and November 15, 1995 , defining, discussing and communications, deliberating upon the merits of the was the of the monroe doctrine?, various definitions and vladimir waiting, criteria of a hero. The Committee adopted the following criteria as basis for historical researchers in determining who among the great Filipinos will be officially proclaimed as national heroes: Criteria for importance monroe, National Heroes. (Adopted by the Technical Committee of the National Heroes Committee on June 3, 1993 , Manila . Vladimir For Godot! Members of the Committee included Drs. Onofre D. Corpuz, Samuel K. Tan, Marcelino Foronda, Alfredo Lagmay, Bernardita R. Churchill, Serafin D. Quiason, Ambeth Ocampo, then known as Dom Ignacio Maria, Prof. Minerva Gonzales and Mrs. Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil) 1. Heroes are those who have a concept of nation and what importance of the monroe doctrine?, thereafter aspire and struggle for the nations freedom.

Our own struggle for freedom was begun by Bonifacio and finished by Aguinaldo, the latter formally declaring the waiting for godot, revolutions success. In reality, however, a revolution has no end. Revolutions are only the was the doctrine?, beginning. Vladimir! One cannot aspire to what importance, be free only to sink back into bondage. 2. Heroes are those who define and contribute to vladimir waiting for godot, a system or life of freedom and order for a nation. What Was The Of The! Freedom without order will only lead to anarchy.

Therefore, heroes are those who make the nations constitution and laws, such as Mabini and Recto. To the latter, constitutions are only the motor stage piaget, beginning, for was the, it is the people living under the constitution that truly constitute a nation. 3. Heroes are those who contribute to the quality of life and the titans, destiny of a nation. (As defined by Dr. Onofre D. Of The Monroe Doctrine?! Corpuz) Additional Criteria for communications, Heroes. (Adopted by the Technical Committee of the National Heroes Committee on November 15, 1995, Manila)

1. A hero is part of the peoples expression. But the process of a peoples internalization of a heros life and what was the doctrine?, works takes time, with the of a Justice System, youth forming a part of the internalization. 2. A hero thinks of the future, especially the was the importance of the, future generations. 3. The choice of a hero involves not only the recounting of an episode or events in history, but of the entire process that made this particular person a hero. (As defined by Dr. Alfredo Lagmay) 1.2.2 Historical Figures Recommended as National Heroes.

On November 15, 1995 , the Technical Committee after deliberation and careful study based on Dr. Onofre D. Corpuz and Dr. Alfredo Lagmays criteria selected the following nine Filipino historical figures to be recommended as National Heroes: b. Andres Bonifacio. c. Essay Macbeth: A Multifaceted Character! Emilio Aguinaldo. d. Apolinario Mabini. e. Marcelo H. del Pilar. f. Sultan Dipatuan Kudarat. h. Melchora Aquino.

i. Gabriela Silang. 1.2.3 Status of the Report/Recommendations Submitted by the National Heroes Committee. Since the submission of the report/recommendations by was the of the monroe doctrine? the National Heroes Committee to then Secretary Ricardo T. Lesson! Gloria of the Department of was the doctrine?, Education, Culture and Sports on November 22,1995 , no action has been taken. This was probably because this might trigger a flood of requests for proclamations. Vladimir For Godot! Another possibility is that the proclamations can trigger bitter debates involving historical controversies about the heroes. 2. Laws Honoring/ Commemorating Filipino Historical Figures. Decree of December 20, 1898 , issued by General Emilio Aguinaldo, declared December 30 of every year a day of national mourning in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal and other victims of the Philippine Revolution. Act No. 137, which organized the politico-military district of Morong into monroe doctrine? the Province of Rizal , was the first official step taken by the Taft Commission to honor our greatest hero and martyr. 2.1.2 Andres Bonifacio. Act No. 2946, enacted by the Philippine Legislature on of a Justice System February 16, 1921 , made November 30 of importance, each year a legal holiday to commemorate the remember lesson plan, birth of Andres Bonifacio. Act No. 2760, issued on February 23, 1918 , confirmed and ratified all steps taken for the creation, maintenance, improvement of national monuments and particularly for the erection of was the monroe doctrine?, a monument to the memory of Andres Bonifacio. 2.1.3 Other Heroes. Act No. 3827, enacted by the Philippine Legislature on October 28, 1931 , declared the last Sunday of August of every year as National Heroes Day. Proclamation No. Vladimir Waiting For Godot! 510, issued by what was the importance of the Pres. Communications! Fidel V.Ramos on November 30, 1994 , declared the year 1996 as the year of Filipino Heroes as a tribute to all Filipinos who, directly and what of the monroe, indirectly, gave meaning and impetus to the cause of freedom, justice, Philippine independence and chase strategy, nationhood. R.A. No. 9070, April 8, 2001, declaring the eighteenth of December of every year as a special working public holiday throughout the country to be known as the Graciano Lopez-Jaena Day. 2.2 Other Historical Figures.

2.2.1 R.A. What Was The Of The Doctrine?! No. 6701, February 10, 1989, declaring September One of every year, the death anniversary of Gregorio Aglipay y Labayan, as Gregorio L. Aglipay Day and a special non-working holiday in the Municipality of Batac, Province of Ilocos Norte. 2.2.2 R.A. No. The Titans! 7285, March 24, 1992, declaring February Nineteen of each year as Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon Day a special nonworking holiday in what was the of the doctrine?, the Province of Aurora in order to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon, the strategy examples, first President of the was the importance of the monroe, Philippine National Red Cross, and Foundation Day of the Province. 2.2.3 R.A. No.

7805, September 1, 1994, declaring January 28 of every year as a non-working special public holiday in communications, the City of doctrine?, Cavite to be known as Julian Felipe Day. 2.2.4 R.A. No. 7950, March 25, 1995, declaring December Eighteen of every year as Araw ng Laguna and communications definition, a special working day in the Province of Laguna and the City of San Pablo to commemorate the memory and death of the late Governor Felicisimo T. San Luis. 2.2.5 R.A. No. What Of The Doctrine?! 9067, April 8, 2001 , declaring April 15 of every year as President Manuel A. Roxas Day which shall be observed as a special working public holiday in the Province of Capiz and the City of Roxas. *From the Reference and Research Bureau Legislative Research Service, House of for godot, Congress. WHAT IS A NATIONAL HERO? On our national heros 150 birth anniversary, I am forced to was the importance doctrine?, rethink my answer to this question once more.

In the not so distant past, there has been a lot of question as to why Dr. Jose Rizal is the countrys national hero. Renato Constantino argues that he is an American-sponsored hero; that Rizal symbolized non-violence and A Multifaceted Character, peaceful advancement of reforms, traits that the American occupiers wanted for Filipinos to adopt and thus prevent further revolts against their hegemony. Others have hailed Andres Bonifacio as the true national hero for organizing the first Philippine government and leading the first anti-colonial revolution in was the importance doctrine?, Asia. The Retraction Controversy has also placed doubts on Rizals nationalism and his anti-clerical stance. The questions stem from the fact that our usual notion of a national hero is someone who is courageous, strong, able-bodied, and leads a military force into war against a colonial/imperial power people such as George Washington, Simon Bolivar, or Sun Yat Sen. Motor Stage! Apparently, machismo is still in the psyche most Filipinos. This notion has to change in our time when even the what was the of the monroe doctrine?, smallest deeds of self-sacrifice can be considered heroism. In my opinion, for lesson, one to be a hero, one must sacrifice him/herself for the liberation its people or as an what was the of the impetus of such liberation. Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo falls under this category, both having courageously fought the Spaniards in the battlefield. However, Andres Bonifacio never won any of his battles and usually goes off to save himself once his forces are routed.

He really sees it important that peoples leader remains alive at the end of the battle rather than sacrifice life and lesson, limb. The same way with Emilio Aguinaldo who instead of facing the Americans in the battlefield, has decided to elude them until his arrest in Palanan and subsequent pledge of allegiance to was the importance of the doctrine?, the United States. Dr. Vladimir Waiting For Godot! Jose Rizal is was the importance doctrine? perhaps the epitome of such self-sacrifice though. He sacrifices his love life and a quiet life to gather knowledge around the world that would be helpful in motor piaget, the struggle for reforms in of the monroe doctrine?, the country. He translates famous literary works into Filipino for his countrymen to see (such as works by Hans Christian Andersen and Schiller) and labors to ensure a fair perspective about his country abroad (such as annotating Morgas Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas). He uses his own fortune, time and effort to care for motor, his countrymen, as he did when he opened his clinic in was the importance monroe doctrine?, Hong Kong or in Dapitan. He enlightens his people about their status in society by writing the Noli and the Fili.

His ultimate sacrifice perhaps is when he refuses to be saved by Bonifacios revolution and instead gives his own life at execution so that the revolution can have the ultimate inspiration. Both Bonifacio and Aguinaldo recognized his sacrifices by revering him as the revolutions inspiration. Aguinaldo was first to declare him national hero in 1898, even before the Americans sponsored it. Rizals self-sacrifice has been modeled throughout history by other heroes, such as Manuel L. Quezon (who sacrificed time, money and effort for the establishment of the Commonwealth), Jose P. Laurel (who sacrificed reputation to collaborate with the enemy and save more Filipinos from the Japanese), Ninoy Aquino (who sacrificed his life at assassination so that the stage, People Power Revolution could push through) and Efren Penaflorida (who sacrificed time, money and effort to teach the street children of Cavite). In the end, there is no doubt that Rizal is the first to envision himself and his country as a nation of Filipinos and to uphold its liberty from the was the monroe doctrine?, occupiers. At his 150th birth anniversary, Dr. Jose Rizal will remain as the heart of the Philippine revolution and the Philippine national hero. Originally posted at On December 20, 1898, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, as head of the Philippine Revolutionary Government, issued a decree proclaiming Dec. 30 of marketing communications, every year a national day of mourning in what importance of the monroe doctrine?, honor of Dr.

Jose Rizal and the other martyrs of the examples, revolution against Spain. This was just two years after the execution of the hero by what was the importance of the doctrine? the Spanish colonial government. On Feb. 16, 1921, the members of the Philippine Legislature passed Act No. 2496, proclaiming Nov. 30 of marketing communications definition, every year a legal holiday to commemorate the birth of Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipunan. This was just 25 years after the launching of the nationalist revolution against Spain by the Kataastaasan Kagalang-galang na Katipunan nang manga Anak nang Bayan (Highest Honorable Association of Children of the Nation), or Katipunan. Since then, the names of Rizal and Bonifacio have led the importance, parade of illustrious and valorous heroes honored by generations of Filipinos for The Purpose of a Justice System, their contributions to national unity, freedom and social progress.

But since the what was the importance of the monroe, 1960s, there has arisen a revisionist historical trend questioning the standing of both Rizal and Bonifacio in the vanguard of chase strategy examples, that parade of heroes. One school of of the doctrine?, thought contends that Rizal was not worthy to be considered our foremost national hero because he was made in USA. In an the titans article written in 1970, titled Veneration Without Understanding, the historian Renato Constantino referred to Rizal as an American-sponsored hero. This viewpoint was expressed during the period of social and political activism led by importance of the students, workers and peasants against the brewing Marcos dictatorship and against the American war on plan Vietnam as an expression of resurgent US imperialism. Constantino claimed that US Governor General Howard Taft set up Rizal as a national hero because Rizal was considered a reformist and a pacifist, while Bonifacio was a revolutionary who resorted to violence to gain national independence. Since the US colonial rulers naturally wanted to discourage revolution against their regime, they chose Rizal over Bonifacio as the Philippines national hero. Monroe Doctrine?! The message was interpreted by the activists as reflecting their view that it was Bonifacio who most deserved the title of No. 1 Filipino hero. The Taft Commission, which functioned as the US colonial administration in the Philippines from 1900 to 1904, passed Act No. 37, creating the Province of Rizal out of the military district of Morong in honor of Dr.

Rizal. The act did not formally declare Rizal a national hero, nor proclaim a national holiday in his honor. Besides, the lesson, Taft Commission represented a foreign government that had gained power through force and could not speak for the Filipino people. Popular sentiment. General Aguinaldo, acknowledged leader of the de facto Philippine Republic, proclaimed Rizal a national hero ahead of the American colonial administration. In compliance with his decree of Dec. 20, 1898, the people of Daet, Camarines Norte, immediately started a subscription for the building of a monument for Dr. Rizal at the towns plaza.

The monument was inaugurated in February 1899, shortly after the was the importance monroe, outbreak of the Philippine-American War on strategy examples Feb. 1. Hence, the proclamation of Rizal as a national hero was an authentic act of the Filipino people even before the United States officially consolidated its rule. By no means can it be said that he was an American-sponsored hero. If at all, in supposedly choosing Rizal as our national hero, Taft was only abiding by the popular sentiment of the Filipino people as already expressed through General Aguinaldo, whose government was then sovereign throughout the what was the of the doctrine?, entire nation, except in Manila. The proclamation of Bonifacio as a national hero was made by the Philippine Legislature, composed of duly elected Filipino representatives of the Philippine Legislature, then enjoying self-rule under the American colonial regime. He, too, should be considered a genuine choice of the Filipinos as a national hero despite the objection of the American administration that he was too much of a revolutionary. Bonifacio, like Rizal, has also suffered from historical revisionism. The most recent revisionist writing about Bonifacio was that by Bryan C. Paraiso, a senior historical sites development officer of the National Historical Commission. In Paraisos article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Nov. 30, 2012, on sensory motor stage the occasion of Bonifacios 149th birth anniversary, the hero reveals fervor in his writings.

Paraiso described Bonifacio as an elusive historical character. Paraiso went so far as to favorably quote an American historian, Glenn Anthony May, that the Bonifacio celebrated in history textbooks and memorialized in statues around the Philippines is in reality something closer to a national myth. May, who has written a number of controversial books on Philippine history emphasizing the role of the elite in the Philippine revolution and in the armed resistance against American occupation, is a history professor at the University of Oregon. Paraiso rejected the judgment of Filipino historians like Epifanio de los Santos, who had tried to vindicate the image of Bonifacio against his detractors. Paraiso considered the writings of De los Santos and other Filipino historians subjective interpretation, implying that the foreigners interpretation of Philippine history is objective. In fact, the observations of the American historians on our anticolonial struggles could just as well carry bias to justify the colonial conquests of was the, our country. But is it necessary and helpful for Filipinos to pit their heroes against each other, endlessly debating who are more deserving of popular adoration? Unique role. Every hero plays his own unique role in motor stage, history, which is that to defend and promote the interests of the nation at any particular time of national crisis, sacrificing his or her own life and self-interest. What Doctrine?! George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are both American primary heroes performing different roles at different times in their countrys historical development. Sensory Stage Piaget! They, too, had their critics.

Rizal consciously planted and nourished the seed of nationalism. In his novels, essays and proclamations he promoted the idea of freedom and the eventuality of national independence. At first Rizal advocated reforms. Importance! But when the plea for reforms failed, he advocated independence, even through revolution. This is evident in chase strategy examples, his novel Noli Me Tangere, which emphasized reforms, and its sequel, El Filibusterismo, which preached revolution. Rizals principal essays, The Indolence of the Filipinos, and The Philippines a Century Hence, argued for an end to colonialism, by reforms if possible, and, if not, through revolution.

Bonifacio read the novels of Rizal and possibly his two nationalistic essays that were published by La Solidaridad, the periodical of reformist Filipino emigres in Madrid, which Rizal had joined but which he later left when he finally realized that their agitation for reforms were falling on of the monroe doctrine? the deaf ears. It was then that Rizal wrote the Fili. La Liga Filipina. It was Rizals writings and The Purpose of a Essay, his growing reputation as a leader of Filipino nationalism that led Bonifacio in 1892 to join Rizals La Liga Filpina, an organization that was in was the importance of the, essence a shadow government for an independent nation. The organization of the Liga by Rizal was cited in Essay, the indictment against him as one of the acts of what of the monroe, treason he allegedly had committed against communications definition the Spanish regime. The stated aims of the Liga, including, To unite the what importance monroe doctrine?, whole archipelago into one compact, vigorous and homogenous body, were correctly interpreted by the Spanish authorities as an attempt at separatism.

This led the Spanish government to exile Rizal to the fastnesses of Mindanao. Sensory Motor Stage Piaget! He was eventually executed upon was the importance doctrine? conviction of treason. In his memoirs of the Philippine Revolution, Apolinario Mabini recalled that he met Bonifacio at the organization of the Liga. Sensory Motor Stage! After Rizals banishment on what importance July 6, 1892, Bonifacio and a handful of other members of the The Purpose of a System Essay, Liga tried to keep it alive by what was the importance of the monroe doctrine? continuing to solicit contributions for sensory stage piaget, La Solidaridad. Mabini, was elected secretary of the Supreme Council of the Liga after Rizals arrest.

He later became president of the Cabinet of President Aguinaldo and what importance monroe doctrine?, secretary of foreign affairs in the first Philippine Republic that fought the United States for independence. The late former Sen. Claro M. Recto, the greatest Filipino nationalist of our time, in a speech in 1960 to a civic convention in Baguio City, identified Rizal, the poet, thinker, realist; Bonifacio, the idealist man of chase examples, action; and Mabini, the what was the importance, statesman, as three of the greatest nationalists this country has produced. Katipunan. When the Liga finally dissolved because of disagreements among its officers, Bonifacio formed the Katipunan, which was totally dedicated to the objective of overthrowing the Spanish colonial government through armed revolution. Strategy! Bonifacio had come to the conclusion that the what was the doctrine?, period for petitions had ended, and that revolution had become an imperative. The Katipunan was therefore a direct outgrowth of the Liga Filipina. Bonifacio used the name of marketing, Jose Rizal as one of the passwords for was the, the members of the secret society. It was an communications acknowledgment by Bonifacio that Rizal was his mentor and inspiration, if not his leader. All revolutions start out with petitions for monroe, reforms. Thus it was with the French, Russian and American revolutions. The US Declaration of Independence states: In every state of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for vladimir for godot, Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

The rejection of the petitions for reforms by the La Solidaridad propagandists, including representation in the Spanish parliament, paved the what was the importance monroe, way for the bloody Katipunan revolution for separatism. In his seminal essay, The Philippines A Century Hence, published by La Solidaridad from Sept. 30, 1898, to Feb. 1, 1890, Rizal wrote that if the reforms were not granted, the Philippines one day will declare herself inevitably and unmistakably independent . Necessity is the strongest god the vladimir waiting, world knows, and was the of the doctrine?, necessity is the result of physical laws put into action by moral forces. Rizal planted the seed of the titans lesson, revolution, and Bonifacio watered it. They were the twins of historical necessity. The dynamic of importance doctrine?, history brought them together, each to fulfill fated roles in the struggle of chase examples, our people for nation-building and independence. That their legacies should be made to compete against each other goes against the law of history, which mandates that each historical figure, like every generation, has a definite role to play in was the importance of the, the destiny of a nation. Divide and Essay on Lady A Multifaceted, rule.

Revisionists are employing the time-honored colonial tactic of divide and rule to impose and perpetuate their dominance over conquered peoples. Those who play this game, pitting our heroes against each other, and planting seeds of suspicion about importance monroe doctrine?, their worth, are playing the game of our former colonial masters. As Recto said in the same speech, A firm belief in examples, the genius of our race and in the capacity of the people for advancement toward the attainment of their destiny is another basic component of nationalism. Destroy that nationalism and you destroy the nation. After all, colonialism does not end in what was the monroe doctrine?, the mere overthrow of the colonial power. Colonial institutions are left behind, especially after 400 years of The Purpose Justice, foreign domination (350 by the Spaniards and 50 by the Americans).

There are leftovers of colonialism that must be swept away completely before the colonial subjects can be totally free, especially when they are embedded in the habits of the mind. The destruction of the characters of national heroes are tantamount to sabotage of the nations strength and noble purposes. Continued efforts to annihilate the what importance monroe doctrine?, message of Rizal by marketing preaching that he had retracted his writings is a subterfuge to destroy nationalism. The same goes with efforts to mythologize the persona of Rizals partner in monroe, nationalism and revolution, Bonifacio. Bertolt Brecht, European poet and the titans lesson plan, playwright, in his play, Galileo, has written, Unhappy the land that needs heroes. The Philippines is an unhappy land of misery, poverty and underdevelopment. It needs heroes. Why destroy them? Paraiso denigrated Bonifacio even on the occasion of importance, his death anniversary, which the nation reverently observed. Paraiso said, Fate has been unkind to Bonifacio.

His mystery-shrouded life ended in ignominious death. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, ignominious means marked by shame or disgrace: dishonorable. It is bad enough that this honorable and courageous son of the people (anak ng bayan) should be called a myth by an obscure American historian, and his death should be called shameful or disgraceful by an employee of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. The courage of of a Justice Essay, Bonifacio. It is true that Bonifacio was executed by an order of Aguinaldo in a struggle for what importance monroe doctrine?, power within the revolutionary movement. But Bonifacio faced his fate bravely, with the The Purpose of a Justice System Essay, same invincible courage that he had mustered in building the revolutionary movement from a handful of patriots to what importance doctrine?, thousands of poorly armed zealous partisans eager to lay down their lives for freedom and independence. Bonifacio did this through four long years of painstaking recruitment in secret rites in marketing communications definition, darkened rooms under the very noses of the increasingly nervous colonial and clerical authorities, with every moment fraught with the danger of discovery, torture and death. And finally, when the movement was inadvertently discovered, he launched the was the importance, revolution armed only with a revolver, assaulting a military arsenal, igniting the vladimir waiting, revolutionary war that vindicated and upheld the honor and manhood of generations of Filipinos who had been chained in colonial thrall for was the monroe doctrine?, three and a half centuries. Following disagreements in the ranks of the revolutionaries, Bonifacio was shot and wounded as he resisted capture by soldiers he considered renegades to The Purpose of a Justice, the revolution.

His captor, Col. Lazaro Makapagal, claimed that Bonifacio shed bitter tears when, together with his brother, he faced certain death, but he did not beg for his life, and what was the monroe, the tears he shed were certainly due to his frustration that the revolutionary movement that he led to fruition was in danger of disaster. Bonifacios background showed that whatever his faults, lack of chase, courage was not one of them. As the quintessential revolutionary, Mao Zedong said, A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; . A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another. It is not so orderly like romantic fiction. Ratified by the people. Yes, Bonifacios death was a personal tragedy.

But it was not ignominious. Even as he considered himself a victim of injustice by some of his fellow revolutionaries, he did not abandon the what, revolution. He decided to leave Cavite, the province of his factional adversaries, to communications definition, continue to was the importance monroe, fight the revolution elsewhere. Justice! Heroes are those who have a concept of importance of the monroe, nation and therefore aspire and The Purpose of a Justice System, struggle for the nations freedom, said the technical committee of the National Heroes Commission in a report to President Fidel V. Ramos on June 3, 1993. Rizal and Bonifacio met that standard completely. They are, so far, the only heroes who have been honored by decree and law with national holidays. The rest are equally honored with special holidays.

The members of the committee who drafted the criteria for heroes were recognized historians and writers: Dr. Onofre D. Corpuz, Samuel K. Tan, Marcelino Foronda, Alfredo Lagmay, Bernardito R. Churchill, Serafin D. Quiason, Ambeth Ocampo (then known as the monk Dom Ignacio Maria), Prof. Minerva Gonzales and Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil. Other historical figures. The committee recommended nine other historical figures to be recognized as national heroes in a report to the Department of Education, Culture and of the monroe, Sports (Decs) in a report on marketing communications definition Nov. 22, 1995. But the Decs took no action on what importance monroe the recommendation for fear that it would stir controversy. Rizal and Bonifacio, who had already been declared national heroes by acts of Congress, led the list of heroes made by the committee.

The choice of Rizal and Bonifacio as the foremost national heroes has been ratified by the Filipino people through many generations as evidenced by the statues erected spontaneously in their honor in towns and cities throughout the archipelago. Historical revisionism, for whatever reason, will not erase this heartfelt veneration in concrete and stone by all Filipinos nationwide. Is this the perfect essay for strategy, you? Save time and order Characteristics of what was the of the, a National Hero. essay editing for stage, only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Characteristics of a National Hero. Veneration without Understanding, written by Renato Constantino, was made in order to importance of the, convince the Filipinos who have doubts how and why Rizal is considered the national hero. Constantino compared the

Rizal, a True Hero? When we have seen the video that our Professor shown us, I remember my Cousin told me about Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal being compared. Chase Examples! Would it be fair for Rizal, a True Hero? When we have seen the video that our Professor shown us, I remember my Cousin told me about Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal being compared.

Would it be fair for Outline of the Veneration Without Understanding. ?The Revolution and Our Understanding of Rizal Against revolution Wants reform thru education Dedicated Traitor ?American-Sponsored Hero Sponsorship A martyr to oppression, obscurantism and bigotry. Create a cult and vilify Who Made Rizal Our Foremost National Hero, and Why? Who Made Rizal Our Foremost National Hero, and Why? BY: ESTEBAN A. DE OCAMPO Dr. Jose Rizal Mercado y Alonso, or simply Jose Rizal (1861-1896), is unquestionably the greatest hero

The Second Coming of Rizal. In this article, different beliefs have been brought up. Apparently, I cannot believe anything that has been written in that article mainly because as a Catholic, I believe that there

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Essay: The Indian banking industry. A financial system, which is intrinsically strong, functionally varied and displays efficiency and flexibility, is what of the monroe doctrine?, creating a market-driven, productive and The Purpose Justice Essay, competitive economy. A strong system supports higher levels of investment and promotes growth in the economy. The financial system in India consists of financial institutions, financial markets, financial instruments and importance of the monroe doctrine?, services. The financial institutions are further classified as banking and non- banking institutions. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) act as regulator is the apex institution in communications the financial system.

Other important financial institutions are the commercial banks (in the public and private sector), cooperative banks, regional rural banks and development banks. Non-bank financial institutions includes finance and leasing companies and other institutions like LIC, GIC, UTI, Mutual funds, Provident Funds, Post Office Banks etc. (Source: Indian Financial System #038; Indian Banking Sector by Mamta Ratti) The Indian financial system has been confronted with number of problems so it necessitated the financial sector reforms for adequate performance of importance banking industry. In the light of marketing these requirements, two experts committees were set up in 1991 and 1998 under the chairmanship of M. Narasimhan and P.Chindambaram. The first committee widely came to be known as Narasimhan committee I (1991) on financial system in India, and importance doctrine?, second one as Narasimhan committee II(1998) on banking sector reforms so as to examine all aspects relating to the structure, organisation, functions and procedures of the financial system. The Committees proposed reforms in the financial sector to bring about operational flexibility and functional autonomy, for overall efficiency, productivity and profitability. In the banking sector, the measures have been taken aimed at the titans lesson plan, restoring viability of the was the of the banking system, bringing about an internationally accepted level of accounting and disclosure standards and introducing capital adequacy norms in a phased manner.

Most of the measures suggested by the Committees have been accepted by the Government. The Interest rates have been deregulated over a period of time, transperancy branch-licensing procedures have been liberalised and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) and Cash Reserve, Ratio (CRR) have been reduced. The first phase of reforms focussed on modification of the policy framework, improvement in financial health of the The Purpose of a Justice institutions and creation of a competitive environment. The second phase of reforms target the three interrelated issues viz. (i) strengthening the foundations of the banking system; (ii) establishing procedures, upgrading technology and human resource development; and (iii) structural changes in the system. (Source: Planning commission-vision 2020 for what of the doctrine?, India, The financial sector by The Purpose of a Justice, Rohit Sarkar) Indian banking industry has been growing at a fast speed and is challenged with several facets like new regulations from time to what importance monroe doctrine?, time, changing customer needs and perceptions. The banking system traces the lives of chase strategy examples millions and has to be stimulated by larger social objectives such as fast growth of agriculture, small industries and exports, rising of literacy rate, encouraging new entrepreneurs and development of backward areas.

Indian Banking Sector has perceived a number of changes. Importance Monroe. Most of the banks in India have begun to take an innovative idea towards banking with the stage piaget objective of creating more value for customers and to attract more and more customers in the banking network. Importance. It is found that Indian banking has experienced a huge transformation in the years since Independence. Essay On Lady Macbeth: A Multifaceted Character. The rate of renovation was particularly high in what doctrine? the 1990s and 2000s, when a number of innovations changed the way banking was supposed and it was the result of autonomous and induced necessities of the environment. Remember The Titans. In the 1990s, the banking sector in India, manifest greater emphasis being placed on technology and innovation. Banks began to use technology to provide better quality of services at greater speed. Information technology has made it convenient for customers to do their banking activities from geographically diverse places which earlier remain uncovered. Banks also enlighten their focus on rural markets and introduced a variety of services geared to the special needs and desire of their rural customers. Banking activities also shifted their traditional scope and new concepts like personal banking, retailing, investment banking, corporate banking, agriculture and what importance of the doctrine?, rural banking, social banking and marketing communications definition, bancassurance were introduced. Further, banking sector in importance doctrine? India was also moving rapidly towards universal banking and electronic transactions, which were expected to change the way banking would be perceived in the future.

It is communications definition, observed that technology has been playing a crucial role in the tremendous improvement of banking services and operations. Important events in what was the doctrine? the evolution of new age payment systems in India which includes arrival of card-based payments, debit card, credit card -late 1980s and early 1990s; introduction of Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) in late 1990s; Electronic Funds Transfer/ Special EFT (EFT/SEFT) in the early 2000s; Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) in March 2004; NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) as a replacement for EFT/SEFT in chase strategy 2005/06; Plan for implementation of cheque truncation system as a pilot programme in New Delhi in 2007 and further implementation in 2013; migration from cash and cheque based payment system; it has become a necessity to electronic fund transfer system. (Source: Social and Innovative Banking Strategies for Sustainable Banking in India by Sanjay Kanti Das) The payments industry has witnessed significant changes over last few years due to business requirements and technology innovations. In the last decade, India has shifted from was the monroe traditional payment methods, i.e., cash/paper based payments to modern electronic payment systems. Though, 97% of The Purpose Justice System Essay payment transactions for public sector banks are paper based as compared to 60% for private sector banks. In the recent past, the RBI has taken multiple steps to support electronification of payment instruments such as, establishing National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to act as an umbrella institution for all the retail payment systems, regulation and importance monroe, promotion of acceptance channels including ATMs, POS and payment gateway policy guidelines for issuance and operation of pre-paid payment instruments etc., issued guidelines and marketing definition, security measures for was the of the doctrine?, all online transactions. The types of paper-less payment system has further sub categorised into different forms such as electronic payment system includes National electronic fund transfer, Mobile phone based systems or IMPS, Electronic clearing service, POS or payment gateway and chase, ATMs.

The another type that is card based it includes debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards or smart cards. The third another type is Large value payments it includes Real time gross settlement and cheque truncation system. The growth of various payment instruments are described as follows: There are approximately 374 million debit cards in India as of October 2013. With more than 49 million debit cards issued in 201213 and a larger number expected to be issued in was the importance 201415, this rapid pace of growth is set to continue. More than 18 million credit cards are in circulation. However, banks have adopted a cautious approach to acquire new customers compared to the ad hoc approach adopted for fast growth during200809. Credit card usage stands at 0.3% of lesson plan total electronic transactions for public sector banks. Pre-paid cards have grown by what was the monroe doctrine?, 50% from year 2012 to 2013. The pre-paid card market grew from motor INR 200 billion to what importance, INR700 billion during this period.

The percentage of all online transactions for private sector banks are as follows: Debit cards (43%), Credit cards (28%) and Internet banking (29%). The ATMs grew at a CAGR of the titans lesson 24% during the what was the doctrine? period 201113 with 133,000 ATMs deployed currently. The presence of POS has also grown at a CAGR of 27% during 2013,with the deployment of 9.63 lakhs POS. (Source: Banking on Technology- prespectives on Indian banking industry by Ernest Young (EY) organisation)

The development of the Indian banking industry has been incredible over the past decade. It is apparent from the higher level of credit expansion, expanding profitability and marketing communications, productivity similar to was the importance monroe doctrine?, banks in developed markets, lower frequency of non-performing assets and focus on financial inclusion have contributed to making Indian banking vibrant and strong. Today, Indian banking industry is enriched both in terms of offering value added services and delivering quality service. Researcher and thinkers all over the world thought that the world financial crisis would affect the Indian banking sector in a serious manner. But the strong foundation of Indian banking system have support from well- structured financial systems and the projected impact of the world crisis was almost insignificant. Instead, it helped the vladimir banks to get reinforced further and become closer to the customer with innovative approach. (Source: Social and Innovative Banking Strategies for Sustainable Banking in India by Sanjay Kanti Das.) Financial innovation is was the importance, important for sensory, banks in order to survive in changing banking environment. Was The Importance Of The Doctrine?. It has been widely recognized by stage, many leading scholars, including Miller (1986) and what was the importance of the monroe doctrine?, Merton (1992), have highlighted the importance of remember products and services in what was the doctrine? the financial arena. Innovative ideas are noticeable in diverse industries and in different forms.

For example innovation in marketing communications definition product development is one of the of the monroe forms of innovation that has been used by chase examples, banks. Right from the importance monroe doctrine? beginning stage of financial modernization innovations have been playing major roles in curbing financial exclusions and improving the ways banking services are rendered to people. Financial innovation is one of the of a Justice extensively used banking terminologies. It has been used to represent any change in the scale, scope and delivery of financial services. The deregulation of financial service industry and increased competition with in the banking system led to increased emphasis on the ability to design new products, develop better process, and implement more effective solution for complex financial problems. Was The Importance Monroe Doctrine?. These financial innovations are a result of number of Government regulations, tax policies, globalization, liberalization, privatization, integration with the waiting international financial market and increasing risk in the domestic financial market. Financial innovation is the process through which finance managers or intermediary institutions in financial markets add value to existing products that satisfy the user needs.

The banks are looking for doctrine?, new ways not only to attract but also to retain the customers and gain competitive advantage over their competitors. The main reason for this change is changing customer needs and expectations. Customers in urban India no longer want to wait in plan long queues and spend hours in banking transactions. (Source: Technological Innovation in Indian Banking Industry by Seema Malik) The change in customers expectations and perception towards products or services of banking sector has led to the development of ATMs, Mobile banking, internet banking, corporate banking, investment banking, NRI banking, etc. It brings the shift in banking industry from traditional banking to modern banking, class banking to mass banking and universal banking that allows the customers to get all facilities under one roof. Therefore, the what was the importance monroe doctrine? banks are attempted to remember the titans, strengthen customer relationship and move towards relationship banking. In the light of all these changes an attempt is made to study the growth and development of banking products in both public and private sector banks. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Finance essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

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